Bet sensibly using OneBet

We want to ensure that our customers always enjoy their experience when they use OneBet. That is why we ask you to always compare odds and bet responsibly when using OneBet. Betting can be great entertainment, provided you stay in control.

In order to help you bet sensibly we suggest that you set a personal deposit limit and review your account history regularly.

Set your deposit limits:

Betting can be an exciting leisure activity and we encourage our customers to have fun, but not to bet beyond their means. Therefore, we suggest that our customers set personal weekly or monthly betting limits.

Account History:

Customers are able to view their “Account History” in the “My Account” section of OneBet. Here, they will get a full overview of all bets they have placed and the amount staked on each bet.

All our bookmaker partners work in conjunction with Gamcare, the UK’s National centre for information, advice and practical help regarding the social impact of gambling. To achieve GamCare certification, our partners have implemented the following practices:

  • Age verification systems
  • Controls for customer spend
  • Information about responsible gambling and sources of advice and support
  • Training for customer services in problem gambling and social responsibility
  • Consultation with GamCare when developing new technologies and products
  • Support for the work GamCare carries out in addressing the social impact of gambling

Gambling Problems 

If you are unsure whether or not you may have developed a gambling problem, you can use the following simple checklist for self-assessment. If you answer positively to at least four of the following questions it is recommended you seek professional advice.

  • Preoccupation:
    Do you find that you are becoming preoccupied with past gambling successes?
  • Tolerance:
    Do you find that you need to increase the amount of money you gamble to achieve the same enjoyment and excitement?
  • Unable to Stop:
    Have you recently tried to stop gambling but were unsuccessful?
  • Escape from Reality:
    Do you ever use gambling a way of ignoring stress in your in life or even pick you up when you feel down?
  • Chase losses:
    Do you ever try to win back the money you lost by increasing the size or frequency of your wagers?
  • Conceal Involvement:
    Do you ever hide how much or how often you gamble from significant others?
  • Unsociable Behaviour:
    Have you ever committed fraud or theft to get money to gamble with?
  • Ruin a Relationship/Opportunity:
    Has gambling ever ruined a personal relationship or an occupational or educational opportunity?
  • Bail-out:
    Have you ever needed others to relieve a financial problem created by gambling?